"I know I should be concerned, and I will be... right after the party."
Dan Phantom on Good Side, as Asgardian Ghost 2.
Background information
Origin Danny Phantom
character information
Full name Saya Otonashi
Alias Danny, Danny Phantom
Occupation Superhero/Steampunk
Powers / Skills Ghost Powers (now in Asgrdian Ghost)
Hobbies Slacking off
Video games
Hanging out with his friends
Fighting ghosts
Working Out/Weightlifting.
Goals Protect Amity Park from villainous ghosts
To have crush with Saya Otonashi?, (formerly)
To find Dark Danny to let Saya kill him.

To save the world what is irreversibly altered.

Family Jack Fenton (father)
Maddie Fenton (mother)
Jazz Fenton (older sister)
Dani Phantom (clone/"cousin")
Friends / Allies Sam Manson (deceased), Tucker Foley (Deceased), Saya Otonashi, Riku, Hagi
Enemies Dark Danny (archenemy & Evil Clone)
Type of character Adult Hero, Ghost

Daniel "Danny" Fenton is the main protagonist of the television series Danny Phantom. In this fanfiction, Danny has the same body type as Dark Danny, except his eyes are blue as he permantly gets Asgardian Ghost and his hair is platinum blonde.

Appearance Edit

Danny Phantom in the future, is as muscular as Dark Danny, his evil side. He has eyes, being cursed in Asgard to live for all eternity with Blue eyes as his original human self dies in an accidend and his time stops so. Both good and evil sides of Dan Phantom have platinum blond hair. The only difference is the evil side of Dan Phantom has flaming hair and goatee, while the good side has goatee and same hairstyle when he was yoing, the good has blue eyes, due to being cursed in Asgard. However, there are green wouds when he gets a cut or in fights.

Personality Edit

Dan Phantom of good side, shares emotions like Danny Fenton. However, unlike Dark Danny, his evil side, he has some streaks of regret, a stoic and aloof one. In this AU, he journeys alone or with Saya or Aqua or himself alone.